Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hottest Rappers Under 18

This is just a list I've been wanting to put together for a while, mostly to see how things changed over the years. After the first 14, there are artists that I consider to be of the internet age, so to speak. I tried not to focus on one type of sound or artist, so I acknowledge the privilege of someone like Jaden Smith or Diggy while being aware of the truth behind Lor D'Shaun's lyrics (RIP). I also wanted to recognize the growth of some of the younger artists, like Ryan and Bentley, so I included multiple tracks from them.

1. Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge [The only female on the list]
2. Special Ed - The Bush
3. Lil Mac - Lyrical Midget
4. Da Youngsta's - Rated PG
5. Kris Kross - The Way Of Rhyme [RIP Kris]
6. Chi Ali - Looped It
7. Shyheim - Buckwylyn
8. Illegal - Back In The Day
9. The Wascals - F.U.N. [Not really sure they were under 18]
10. Kronic - Summertime (LP Version)
11. BG & Baby D - From Tha 13th To Tha 17th [Baby D is Lil Wayne]
12. A+ - Wanna Be Rich
13. Baby DC - Get Your Hustle On
14. Lil Bow Wow - Take Ya Home

15. Bentley Green - Man Of The House [~5 years old]
16. Scooter Smiff - Head Of My Class (Feat. Chris Brown)
17. Elijah - I Am The Truth & Doing It Well Freestyle
18. Lil Ryan - Stayed Down [5 years old]
19. Diggy - Point To Prove
20. Astro - D.C.T. (Dreams Come True)
21. Key Swag 3000 - Tear It Up
22. Jaden Smith - Down
23. Lor D'Shaun - My Life [RIP]
24. Lil Ryan - Crush On You (Feat. Aniya) [7 years old]
25. Yung Poppa - I Do It For My City

26. Lor D'Shaun - Options [RIP]
27. Astro - Yes I Know My G [Check out Computer Era]
28. Jaden Smith - Fire
29. Lil Ryan - All Work No Play [10 years old]

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