Sunday, August 23, 2015

Strong - Strong (1999)

1. Intro
2. Frontin'
3. I Can't Hide
4. Front of the Club
5. Mi Amiga
6. U R The 1 - 4 Me
7. I Got What You Need
8. All I Need
9. Why Would She Call?
10. How Would You Feel?
11. Ready Or Not
12. Something
13. Lucky Star
14. I Know
15. See You Again


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  2. Thanks for the upload! I recently found out about Strong from your site and downloaded their song "Mi Amiga" a few months ago and ever since, I've been looking for more of their music and now I'm happy to discover that their album is now on your site. I really enjoy the music on this site. Thanks for what you do! It allows 90s babies like me to find out about all of the "lost talent".

  3. If you accept requests, do you have the All About J album by Lil' J? It had the singles "It's the Weekend" and "I Didn't Know". Thanks!

    1. I'm glad you enjoy the blog, as sporadic as the posts may be. I usually don't accept requests because too often things are nearly impossible to find. But I'd never even heard of Lil J. I do recognize him from That's So Raven and a movie called The Hive. I'll try to look for his album and singles from back then. I think he's still making music though.

    2. Thanks for responding and I definitely understand that you don't take requests. I appreciate you searching for it and I'll understand if you are not able to find it. Thanks anyway!