Friday, March 28, 2014

Da Youngsta's - Hip Hop Ride (Single) (1994)

A1. Hip Hop Ride (Album Version)
A2. Hip Hop Ride (Album Instrumental)
A3. Hip Hop Ride (Remix)
B1. Hip Hop Ride (Mellow Mix) (Feat. Big Tabb)
B2. Hip Hop Ride (Mellow Dub)
B3. Hip Hop Ride (Acapella)

Da Youngsta's - Mad Props (Single) (1994)

A1. Mad Props (Remix #2)
A2. Mad Props (Remix #1)
A3. Mad Props (LP Version)
A4. Mad Props (Remix #2 Instrumental)
B1. No More Hard Times (Remix)
B2. No More Hard Times (Remix Instrumental)
B3. No More Hard Times (LP Version)
B4. Mad Props (Acapella)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Boys - Messages From The Boys (1988)

A1. Dial My Heart
A2. Lucky Charm
A3. A Little Romance
A4. Sunshine
A5. Love Gram
B1. Just For The Fun Of It
B2. Personality
B3. Be My Girl
B4. Happy
B5. Let's Dance

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ultramagnetic MC's - The Four Horsemen (1993)

1. We Are The Horsemen
2. Checkin' My Style
3. Two Brothers With Checks (San Francisco, Harvey)
4. Raise It Up
5. Saga Of Dandy, Devil & Day
6. Delta Force II
7. Adventures Of Herman's Lust (Moe Love III)
8. See The Man On The Street
9. Bring It Down To Earth
10. Don't Be Scared
11. One, Two, One, Two
12. Time To Catch A Body
13. Yo Black
14. Big Booty